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Waller of the Month: Daniel Peterson

Daniel Peterson Water Feature

Daniel Peterson (Minnesota) is featured in The Stone Trust’s 2018 Calendar. As owner and designer at HabAdapt Landscape Design, Daniel focuses on developing landscapes and designs aimed at long-term sustainability and functionality. His projects range from small courtyard design to larger farm land planning. Daniel started HabAdapt Landscape Design in 2005 incorporating ecologically sound permacultuure design principles into all of his designs. Daniel is a Certified Advanced Dry Stone Waller.

For more about Daniel and HabAdapt please visit:

Daneil Peterson Egress Wall

Images of Daniel’s Work

Daniel Peterson Egress Wall Alternate Top Down View
Daniel Peterson Egress Wall Top Down
Daniel Peterson Egress Wall Exterior View
Daniel Peterson Sandstone Seating
Daniel Peterson Sandstone Seating at Night
Each month The Stone Trust will feature one of its professional members who is a certified waller.  If you are interested in being featured, contact us at