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Waller of the Month: Pete Ryder

Pete Ryder (New Hampshire) is featured for November in The Stone Trust’s 2018 Calendar.  He got the walling bug in 2015 at a workshop at The Stone Trust. After 32 years in aerospace engineering, working with stone was a big change and tremendously gratifying. Dry Stone Walling has been a growing obsession ever since. In 2016 he founded Touched By Stone LLC to build dry stone walls and features in southern New Hampshire. Pete is a DSWA Level 2 certified waller and instructor, and serves as President on The Stone Trust Board of Directors.

This wall in Mont Vernon NH replaces a poison ivy decorated linear pile of field and garden picked stone. It was important to the property owner that I use material from the site. Since nearly all of the material was round, this meant that all 50 through-stones and cheek material had to be cut from boulders. The result is a good example of using what’s available to best advantage. The wall borders the garden. A built in seat enables the owners habit of taking a salt shaker to the garden in tomato season.

As a DSWA certified instructor, Pete has taught at several Stone Trust workshops this year and when he wasn’t instructing, he put in a lot of volunteer hours preparing sites for the Bridge Build and other workshops. See photos below.

For more about Pete and Touched by Stone please visit:

Images of Pete’s Work

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