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Walling Day & Retaining Wall! (May 4 & 5, 2019)

Several experianced wallers got to have a great time working with Master Craftsmen Dan Snow and Jared Flynn building this new permanent wall at The Scott Farm.  The wall was built as a  hybrid of vertical stack and herringbone techniques.  Provided that there is good end wall end support this style of construction is very strong and fast to build.  And it was a new experience for the participants.  The entire wall was built in just a day and a half with 6 people the 1st day and 2 the 2nd.  It shows the great things that can be accomplished when skilled wallers get together.

Thank you to Jared Flynn who conceptualized this wall, did the prep work, and did the cleanup.  It would not have happened without him!

Walling days are a great way for past workshop participants and Certified wallers to gain experience and work with highly skilled wallers facilitating.    Make sure your are on our email list so you hear about future walling days.