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“Walling for professionals” presentation in Farmington CT

Feb. 28th 4-6pm.  Attendance cost is $100.

Held at the Dunning Stone and Supply showroom, 163 Brickyard Rd.  Farmington, CT 06032

To Register for this presentation Call Dunning Stone at (860) 470-7023

In addition to the two day walling workshop being taught at Dunning Stone, Brian Post will be giving a presentation on building dry stone walls on 2/28 from 4-6pm at Dunning Stone.  Weather or not you have the time to make it to the 2-day hands on workshop being offered 2/28 & 3/1, this presentation will provide you with information on how to correctly site, build, and design dry stone walls.  The information will have some overlap with the hands on workshop but will also provide a lot of additional information as well.  The presentation is aimed at masonry and landscape contractors and designers, but is also valuable for homeowners and enthusiasts.

The presentation will cover the principles for building with different types of stone and various basic features such as corners and steps.  Images of more advanced artistic elements will also be presented.  After being presented with the basics of how structurally sound walls are built, the audience will be guided through evaluating photos of walls both good and bad so the concepts can fully be understood.

Dry stone walling has it’s own methods, vocabulary, and techniques.  If you don’t know how to select the proper batter angle, set the base width of your wall, or identify cope stones, than this presentation is for you!  Even highly experienced stone masons and designers will walk away with a tremendous amount of knowledge.

The incredible value of dry stone wall certification process will be introduced, and the certification process will be  explained.

Participants will leave the presentation with an increased awareness of dry stone walls.  You will be evaluating them in your mind everywhere you go.  Each person will also get take home resource materials.

Brian Post is the only person in the world who is a Certified Master Craftsman Dry Stone Waller and a Licensed Landscape Architect.  Involved in building stone walls since the age of 10, he has trained and traveled extensively in the British Isles.  One of the 8 certified Master Craftsmen in the USA, Brian is also an Examiner for dry stone wall certifications, and a certified dry stone wall Instructor.  Brian brings the experience of a skilled practitioner in both the realms of design and stonework into his presentations.

Brian is the Executive Director of the Stone Trust and also runs his own company Landscape Architecture.