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Walling Skills Intensive: The Vertical Wall End Workshop

Who comes to a four-day walling skills intensive and what do they come to learn? This second iteration our Walling Skills Intensive took place at the Stone Trust training site near Nashville. Four men joined instructors Martin Beevers and Jared Flynn. They gave different reasons for participating. Two of the men continued for a second week of training after having earned Level 1 Initial Waller Certification at the Contractors Intensive the previous week. They intended to go home endowed with the skills to accomplish walling projects on their properties. Two professional wallers came to be sure they are ready for the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) Level 2 Intermediate Waller Certification Test on Spring Test Day, May 23.  All reports tell us you learned what you need to know and had a great time!

What DO you need to know and be able to do to build a professional caliber wall?

  • apply the basic principles of dry stone walling to building a strong  wall end
  • sort stone in order to efficiently rebuild a structurally sound cheek end
  • set batter frames and stringlines properly to create good lines, straightness, and even wall faces
  • create the conditions that result in a vertical wall end
  • choose appropriate stones for a wall end foundation
  • determine when and how to shape stones quickly and carefully
  • properly tie a wall end back into the wall
  • set cover bands and/or copes securely

If you are testing, you need to accomplish all of the above to a high-degree of fit and finish in a seven-hour period.

We offer the Walling Skills Intensive (WSI) to help people gain the needed skills to pass the Dry Stone Walling Association DSWA Level 2 Professional certification test. Participants practice building to the required standards and speed. Ultimately, knowing how to build efficiently a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing wall that will stand the test of time is the whole point. Thanks to all for making that happen!