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What’s so Cool About Batter Frames?

Professional wallers build their walls with smooth even faces, and they do this while walling fast.  Understanding the proper use of batter frames and string lines is what makes this possible.  Check out the video series on this page with the president of The Stone Trust, Peter Welch, to see a few of some of the tips and and techniques that will be shown in next weekend’s String line and batter frame workshop.

A batter board:

Do you know what the oldest tool of walling is?  Many professional wallers would say a length of string!  Come find out how to put that string to best use.

Learn from Certified Master Craftsmen the tips and techniques that have been build up over decades.

Using a Stringline

Do you know:

  • 3 knots that are ideal for walling?
  • How decide what batter to use for given type of stone?
  • How to build guides for columns, right angles, and other features?
  • Can you make and set up a batter frame in less then 10 min?

If you’re not sure about any of these questions, our May 7 string line and batter frame workshop is for you!  This is the only chance to get this course in 2017.

Layout for a basic frame

Learn about the batter angle

Become a Stringline and batter frame expert!

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