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Winter Walling Workshop at Dunning Stone in CT 2/28 & 3/1, 2018

Our first walling workshop of 2018 is just 2 weeks away!

As announced at the beginning of the month will be doing a two-day walling indoor workshop at Dunning Stone and Supply in Farmington, CT.

Workshop Details:

This hands on 2 day workshop will run 8am to 3pm both days (Wed 2/28 and Thur 3/1, 2018).

There will also be a separate presentation on dry stone wall building from 4pm – 6pm on Wed 2/28.  Click here for more information.

The cost for the 2 day workshop is $575.  Excellent catered lunches are included both days.

The workshop will be held in the heated indoor workshop at:

Dunning Stone and Supply,
163 Brickyard Rd.
Farmington, CT 06032

The workshop is intended for landscape and masonry contractors.  It will be a two day workshop in Dunning Stone’s awesome heated indoor workshop space.  The workshop will focus on the proper structural techniques for walling with several materials that are available from Dunning stone.  This includes PA field stone, round ‘River Jacks’ and the local granite ledge.

We will be building two wall sections one with the rounder stone and one with the flatter PA field stone and ledge stone.  In the hands on format, all participants will get introduced to the varying stone types.

The workshop will focus on teaching the structural principals that allow stone walls to last, techniques to improve speed and efficiency, and on carefully following guidelines to achieve an even finish.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the structural rules of walling
  • Know techniques for increasing speed and efficency
  • Know how to set up batter frames and lines and be able to follow them
  • Know techniques for shaping stones, and when to do so

The process of Dry Stone Certification will be discussed in this workshop, and the concepts needed to pass certification tests will be heavily emphasized.  After taking this workshop most participants should find themselves ready for Level 1 DSWA-GB Dry Stone Certification this spring.

Participants will also come away with a certificate of participation, take home reference materials, a t-shirt, and more.  The Stone Trust will also have additional, books, tools and more for sale on site.

Participants should where work clothes and boots (preferably with steel toes).  Bring gloves, eye protection, several layers of clothes as the workshop space may be cool in the morning.  All tools needed are provided.  However if participants have tools they like to use or would like to learn to use better, they are welcome to bring them.  Participants are welcome to take notes, photos, video and audio clips during the workshop as well.

Call Dunning Stone to Register at 806.470.7023

Pace and Flow of the Workshop:

Each participant will focus on working their own 5 to 6 foot long section of wall (one side) with another person building opposite them.  The more experienced participants will get to work on wall ends.  The finished wall is expected to be about 54″ tall.  Throughout both days short presentations, discussions, and demonstrations, will be interspersed within the hands-on building.

Wednesday the 28th Morning:

  • Introduction
  • Sorting stones
  • Setting up batter frames and stringlines
  • Foundations
  • Setting foundation stones

Wednesday the 28th Afternoon:

  • Building the first lift
  • Proper hearting
  • Working to stringlines
  • Stone shaping when needed

Thursday the 1st Morning:

  • Setting the throughstones
  • Begining the 2nd lift
  • Additional stone shaping

Thursday the 1st Afternoon:

  • Finishing 2nd Lift
  • Setting Copestones

To register for this workshop you must get in touch with Dunning Stone at 860.470.7023

It is filling quickly so don’t delay registering if you want to learn walling this winter.  This is our only winter workshop this year.

Check out the amazing heated workshops space. With the pallets moved, we will have a huge space for everyone to learn in
Here is an image of the PA field stone that will be one stone type used
This is the local 'granite' ledge stone. We will be showing you how to effectively use angular stone like this.
Round 'river jack' stone can be a challenge to work with if you are used to flatter material. However it can be fast to build with and produce very attractive and durable walls when built correctly.
Some smaller 'river jack' stone on a pallet

Call Dunning Stone to Register at 806.470.7023

About The instructors:

Jared Flynn Dry stone waller
Jared Flynn

Brian Post

The workshop will be taught by Brian Post and Jared Flynn.  Both are Dry Stone Walling Assocation of Great Britain (DSWA-GB) certified Master Craftsmen and certified Instructors.  With only 8 certified Master Craftsmen in the USA, this is a special occurrence to learn from two of them together.  Additionally Brian is a Licenced Landscape Architect and dry stone wall Examiner for the DSWA-GB.  Both Jared and Brian run their own businesses that focus on dry stone walling.

Both Jared and Brian have been building stone walls for decades, and are two of the most experienced dry stone instructors in the country.  They bring tremendous technical knowledge and experiance, along with an enthusiasm and energy that will get everyone present excited about dry stone walling.

Here is a video with some more information about the workshop: