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With Gratitude to Our Generous Donors

Amy-Louise Pfeffer

Executive Director

Stone Trust supporters treat our nonprofit with great generosity. Collectively, you contributed nearly $25,000 to our 2019 Annual Appeal. Thank you.

You help us to say yes to people who inquire about scholarship funding. For example, we are funding fifty percent of the tuition to our upcoming Women’s Introduction to Dry Stone Walling workshop for a mother who will graduate from college this spring with a degree in Sustainable Horticulture. She will go on to an internship with Professional Member Alex Hoffmeier and continue to develop her path to supporting her family and contributing to the economic fabric of the community in which they live. We get similar requests frequently.

You make it possible for us to share time with community groups seeking advice on how to preserve their historic cemetery walls or their town’s original arched bridges or to rebuild the foundation of the old town church.

You support the development of our human resources—instructors, staff, and board.

  • Already this year, you have helped certify ten new Stone Trust instructors. These instructors will teach in workshops at The Stone Trust Center in Dummerston and at any number of the satellite sites that we are in the process of establishing. Some of them will progress to Level 3 Advanced and Level 4 Master Craftsman certification. Their progression through levels of mastery is essential to the longevity of The Stone Trust; to teach people how to build retaining walls or steps and stairs requires Level 3 certification, to become a Certification Test Day examiner requires Level 4. At present, only five examiners live in North America.
  • You have made it possible add a new, part-time position, Director of Education and Training, allowing Brian Post to focus his expertise as a Master Waller, a Landscape Architect, and a certified DSWA-GB Instructor on improving existing and developing new programming.
  • Funds given by you enable our board—recently doubled in size (bios for new members in progress)—to access communications technology for virtual and in-person meetings necessary for continuing to plan the road ahead.

You have also provided funding for necessary updates to our technology infrastructure, so we can respond more quickly and accurately to the inquiries The Stone Trust public makes.

As you may know, donations to annual appeals typically fold into operating funds. The Stone Trust covers almost ninety percent of our costs through program revenue, an impressive feat for a nonprofit–all credit to the founders, several generations of board members, and our former Executive Director, Brian Post. Thank you for providing a cushion that allows us room to respond sensitively to requests for support and to engage in thoughtful planning for The Stone Trust’s future.