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Women in Walling – National and International Women’s History Month

In 1987, the U.S. Congress determined to dedicate annually the month of March to the observance of Women’s History Month.  We take this opportunity to celebrate the contributions of the Stone Trust’s women in walling and their connections to women wallers around the globe.

Enjoy these articles from Hearting: The Annual Journal of the Stone Trust, Issue 1, 2022

“From Pixels to Stone or How to Strengthen Your Back” by Victoria Merriman

“A Strong Wall” by Lucy Flynn

Read Whitney Brown’s memoir: Between Stone and Sky

“Between Stone and Sky: Memoirs of a Waller” by Whitney Brown

Discover the women whose dedication to walling makes training for women through the Stone Trust possible:

Kim Coggin, Professional Member, Instructor, Former Board Member, FIRST FEMALE LEVEL 3 ADVANCED WALLER IN NORTH AMERICA!

Hilary Dees, Professional Member, Instructor, Board Member

Victoria Merriman, Professional Member and soon-to-be certified instructor! Committee member

Judy Rand, Professional Member, Instructor, Former Board Member