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Confidence the Outcome at May’s Women’s 2-Day Intro to Dry Stone Walling

Ten people journeyed to the Stone Trust Center in Dummerston, Vermont for the second 2-Day Women’s Introduction to Dry Stone Walling of 2022. You came from nearby Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. You also traveled from farther afield–Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. You arrived with little to no experience of building with stone, although one person gave herself a second shot at an intro workshop.

Almost all of you report having incorporated the five basic rules of dry stone walling into your repertoire absolutely–with a couple of caveats. Something like, “I feel confident I can build a freestanding, double-stack wall. But what about the wall end?” There are at least two answers to that question: 1) the 2-Day Cheek End Rebuild Workshop (also in a women’s version) and 2) “the Bible” (Dry Stone Walling: A Practical Handbook). You may have other answers, too.

Some of you want to apply what you learned to a retaining wall situation. Judy promised you the specs. Here they are! We’d also be glad to see you again for a retaining wall workshop. To date, we aren’t offering that in a version for self-identifying women. We’ll keep it in mind for 2023!

Thanks very much to everyone for making the trip. Whether you traveled from near or far, we appreciate your desire to learn what helps preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling. Every waller and ever project counts!

And thanks to Hilary Dees and Judy Rand for their commitment of time and travel. It takes women wallers to teach women’s workshops. North America boasts five women qualified to do so. We cherish them!

Congratulations to Maddy and Jesso, two of the Stone Trust’s seven 2022 Entry-Level Professional Waller Scholarship Awardees!

Maddy emailed, “Just wanted to say the class was an amazing experience; it was so energizing, challenging, and illuminating. I can’t wait for the next course. Thank you again for this opportunity!”

We are delighted to support your progress towards professional waller status. The Stone Trust and the world of dry stone walling need people like you!