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A Gratifying Day at this year’s last Women’s Workshop! (Oct. 20, 2019)

Another gorgeous fall day at the indoor Stone Trust training facility. All of the participants had a great time learning the basics of dry stone walling along with the gratification of being empowered with their new knowledge to apply towards their own projects at home. Lots of personal interaction with students and instructor. At the end of the day, the proud participants were busy taking pictures of their accomplishments, sharing their newly taught skills with family and friends. DSWA certified instructor for the day was Kim Coggin who is one of only 4 female certified instructors in North America!

Here are some quotes that participants posted to Instagram:

“I am not really a very physical person and I was surprised how comfortable it felt. I was nervous but it was really fun! I encourage you to try it!”

“At my “all-women’s” stone wall building workshop in Vermont today. Yes, I built the section of the wall in front of me. Yes, the workshop was as awesome as it sounds. We worked for 8 hours with a lunch break. It’s amazing to me that working slowly and steadily, one small piece at a time, this can be accomplished in just one day. Something I will take with me as a writer. Thank you @thestonetrust.”

Enjoy photos from the day.