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Women Learn Walling at the Stone Trust CO: Managing Critters and Slopes

A word from Site Champion and Instructor, Hilary Dees:

Four women from all walks of life from across the country met on a perfect spring weekend in Colorado to engage with the art and craft of dry stone walling. The women brought their hopes, dreams, and aspirations for future projects with them and we discussed how to make their projects waiting for them at home a reality. There was much talk about how to use dry stone walls to manage prairie dogs and gophers, as well as discussions on how to build on steep slopes to create flat areas for walking paths and garden plots. Through the multiple tons of stone moved over the weekend there were endless smiles, camaraderie, and only one person had their boot just fall apart on them at the end of the first day!

Thank you Hilary Dees for such a strong start to the year at this new site, thanks to your dedication and expertise. Only five women qualified to teach for the Stone Trust live in the U.S. Hilary Dees is one of them. As Colorado site champion, she makes training by women for women possible further west. For this first workshop, women came from Colorado, California, and Washington. Thanks to all who made the trip to the first 2-Day Women’s Introductory Workshop at the Stone Trust Colorado.