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Workshop Participant Success

We recently got a great email from Michael Meehan, who has taken several workshops in the past year, been a volunteer, and also gained his DSWA-GB Level 1 Certification.  He has been building walls at his property and been doing a fantastic job.  It is wonderful when new wallers share their success.

Michael Writes:


Happy New Year. This is the work I’ve done since my first visit to The Stone Trust. As you know I have been a Tile and Marble Contractor for the past 35 years but definitely an amateur waller. I thought I’d send you some pics of work I did around my house, all with existing stones from around my yard.

The first grouping is of walls going up both sides of our walkway, the original walls had been done with cement and had been falling apart for years. I cleaned them all up, dug it up and rebuilt it around the existing flagstone steps. it wasn’t easy with the curve and stepping it up hill but it was my very first wall and it’s super solid. It also goes a lot deeper in  the ground then necessary but better to overdo it then not.

The next wall I did is the Belgium block herringbone wall again to replace a mortared retaining wall that was bulging and ready to collapse. I had the Belgium block available and  I remembered the neat wall you guys put in the entrance of Scott Farm last year so I did the same style. Behind the block is totally rebuilt retaining wall in the style  of the Yorkshire wall and I decided for my own interests to top it with mortar and a flagstone top.

Finally at the entrance to my driveway I have two sixteen foot walls that I love. the 2 big end stones had always been there but laying down, somehow with a chain and my truck I was able to get them in place and stand them upright. the other wall-heads are my first and only, I intentionally did not plumb the ends for my own reasons and I know it wouldn’t pass a level 2 test but I gotta start somewhere. Working at the end of my driveway also turned out to be a great way to get to know my neighbors. So many people would slow down to check my progress and couldn’t believe I kept going higher, but no sooner did I get the capstone on did they ask if I was going to do the other side of my driveway I said I was and I did finishing in October.

Well that’s my story when spring comes I plan to begin to rebuild about 400 ft along the road. In the mean time I look forward to getting back up to the Stone Trust for a couple more workshops. Thanks for all your help and training in the past.