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Workshop Participant wall in Canada

Taylor S. Recently sent us some pictures of the latest wall he worked on along with this description:

“Always excited to follow what the Stone Trust is up to. My father and I came down for a historic rebuild wall workshop in Springfield in 2017 and had a great time.
I saw your section in the newsletter for participant projects and I figured I would send you a few pictures of a wall we subsequently built with a group of friends. We used the techniques taught by the Stone Trust.
My family has been slowly reclaiming a farm that had lain fallow for about half a century. During the process, we’ve been keen to put up walls using stones from the farm – and there’s plenty in the old fence bottoms. The local stone is mostly granite – and unfortunately shaped! We also get a fair number of boulders coming up through the fields – these make easy cheek ends. We took some inspiration from Galloway walls and decided to build a double-skin wall down low for 4 courses or so and use boulders on top. In case you’re wondering how we got the copes on top – using an excavator and rope slings. Not your typical stone wall, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the Stone Trust!”