Certified Instructors

All workshops are taught by instructors that are certified by the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (DSWA).  To gain Instructor Certification one must already hold Level 2 or higher DSWA dry stone walling certification and must attend a DSWA instructor training course.  The course covers learning and teaching styles as well as dry stone wall instruction.

In 2011 The Stone Trust held the first DSWA Instructor Training course outside of Great Britain.  The Stone Trust now typically holds an instructors course every spring and is the only place outside of Great Britain where wallers can become certified instructors.

Instructors class
2011 Dry Stone Instructors Course Participants:
Back Row L to R: Brian Post, Chuck Eblacker, Matt Carter, Dean Mclellen
Mid Row L to R: Travis Callahan, Evan Oxland, course instructor Steve Jonas,
Andrew Pighills, Akira Inman,Chris Tanguay
Front Row L to R: Michael Weitzner, Jared Flynn

 A full list of all certified dry stone walling instructors in North America coming soon.

Selected Instructor Bios:

Many DSWA certified instructors teach workshops at The Stone Trust.  Brief bio’s of frequent instructors are below.


Brian Post with completed wall
Brian Post

BRIAN POST starting building walls at age 10.  Since then he has continued working with stone whenever possible.  In 2006 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.   As part of his studies he spent 4 months in England, Scotland, and Wales working with several wallers including DSWA Master Craftsmen, Andrew Louden and Sean Adcock.

Brian currently holds an Advanced Certificate from the DSWA, and is a Certified Instructor.   Brian is also a Licensed Landscape Architect in the State of Vermont.  Brian regularly works both in the design studio and in the field.   In 2010 he started his own firm, Standing Stone Landscape Architecture.





Chris Tanguay
Chris Tanguay

CHRIS TANGUAY is a dual certified Master Craftsman through the Dry Walling Association (DSWA) of Great Britain and the Dry Stone Conservancy.  He is also a DSWA certified instructor and examiner.  Chris has been working part-time with stone since his early teens and full-time since 1996.  Chris lives in Yarmouth, Maine and his work brings him throughout New England.  In addition to his day job, he enjoys promoting the craft through fundraising workshops, demonstrations, and certification testing for the DSWA.






Chuck Eblacker
Chuck Eblacker

CHUCK EBLACKER is a dry stone waller from Rochester, NY.  His partnership with stone began over 15 years ago.  Armed with a spirit of being a student of the craft, Chuck has been blessed to have some of the best stone wallers give him the incalculable benefit of their time and insight.  Eblacker’s days are spent creating one-of-a-kind dry stone walls and features in thought provoking installations.  His work has been featured in both local and national publications.  Chuck holds an Advanced/Level III Certificate from the DSWA and is recognized as a certified instructor with the DSWA as well.  An instructor in many stone walling workshops, Chuck recognizes that standards and education play a vital role in preserving our walling heritage.





Dan Snow
Dan Snow

DAN SNOW is an art maker specializing is dry stone constructions.  He has been building with stone since 1972.  His career as a professional dry stone waller began soon after, in his native Windham County, Vermont.   Dan became a Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain Master Craftsman in 2000.

Dan’s dry stone constructions include stock-proof fences, pillars, stiles, staircases and arch bridges.  Utilitarian works have expanded into garden follies, grottos, grandstands, pyramids, sculpture of a purely abstract nature and environmental art pieces.  In 2001 Dan authored In the Company of Stone.  Stone Rising, a film by Camilla Rockwell, captures the spirit of Dan’s constructions and chronicles the process of their creation.

Dan has instructed many workshops in dry stone walling and lectured on the craft across the USA, Canada and Great Britain.  As a DSWA Examiner he has organized many test venues and examined dozens of test applicants in the certification scheme.


Dean McLellan
Dean McLellan

DEAN MCLELLAN began his life with stone at a very early age working on removing stone from the fields with his grandfather in Lafontaine, Ontario.  He used horses then and a stone boat to pull the stones to the semi-permanent walls on the farm.  The walls would be built with the understanding that the stones would come off when needed for the construction of structural barns, homes, fireplaces or other walls.

Dean spent time at university and playing volleyball, but found his way back to the stone between and after school.  He has a passion for structure in stonework and the restoration of old mortared buildings as well as newly constructed dry stone ones.

Dean has had the opportunity to travel extensively in North America and Great Britain.  He greatly values the chances he has had, to work with some of the best stone wallers and his involvement with the DSWA of Great Britain has been very rewarding.  Dean continues to promote the craft in Canada and is set on holding numerous large scale events which always involve a charity of some sort!





Jared Flynn Dry stone waller
Jared Flynn

JARED FLYNN is a native Vermonter who’s passion is the preservation of Dry Stone Walls.  As a founding member of the Stone Trust his efforts have supported Dry Stone enthusiasts and professionals with access to all things related to Walling.  As a professional member of the DSWA since 2005, Jared is a Certified Instructor and a Advanced Level certificated waller.

Jared also holds a Journeyman Certificate from the Dry Stone Conservancy of Kentucky.







Jerry Coggin
Jerry Coggin

JERRY COGGIN has been working with drystone in one capacity or another since 2010.  He started out assisting his wife Kim on her projects and very quickly realized how rewarding working with drystone can be. Jerry notes that drystone has engineering as well as artistic components that allow creation of some truly amazing and enduring works.

Jerry currently holds a Level Two Certificate from the DSWA, and is also a Certified Instructor.








Kim's Photo
Kim Coggin

KIM COGGIN has been building dry stone walls and structures since 2008. Kim’s journey in stone started shortly after relocating to Pennsylvania from the Southeast, when she became enamored with the numerous covered bridges, stone walls, furnaces, and other historical artifacts in Pennsylvania.

Kim currently holds a Level Two Certificate from the DSWA, and is also a Certified Instructor.  Kim is also an avid faux artist and muralist.  This training gives Kim a unique and profound perspective on the artistic aspects inherent in dry stone creations.









Mark Jurus

MARK JURUS – Rockin Walls, Hampstead Maryland USA. Certified: DSWA Intermediate Level, DSWA Instructor, DSC USA. Specializing in Dry Laid Stone Construction. BFA – Visual Communication Graphic Design, MICA.

With every wall I build, I bring my skill as a craftsman and my eye as an artist to create walls that are structurally sound, durable and visually appealing. I strive to instill this same dedication in my students at my training center.

I began in the trade in 2007. I’ve tested extensively in Vermont and in Kentucky on historic stone fences both with the DSWA (UK) and DSC (USA). I’ve trained and worked with certified master stonemasons from Scotland, Ireland, England, Canada and the USA.









Michael Weitzner
Michael Weitzner

MICHAEL WEITZNER has been a full-time dry stone waller/mason and a professional member of the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain since 1993.  In 2003 the DSWA-GB awarded him a Master Craftsman certificate.  Michael has a strong interest in historic preservation and has become involved in historic bridge preservation.

Michael was born in Switzerland in 1962 and has lived in Spain, England, Scotland and the USA.  Michael’s involvement with dry stone began at an early age when he was introduced to it by his Swiss grandfather.  Michael’s work has been featured in New Old House magazine, Vermont Life magazine, ‘Good Fences’ by Bill Hubbell and on HGTV’s Rebecca’s Garden. Michael lives in Brattleboro, Vermont.