Certified Instructors

All workshops are taught by instructors that are certified by the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (DSWA).  To gain Instructor Certification one must already hold Level 2 or higher DSWA dry stone walling certification and must attend a DSWA instructor training course.  The course covers learning and teaching styles as well as dry stone wall instruction.

In 2011 The Stone Trust held the first DSWA-GB Instructor Training course outside of Great Britain.  The Stone Trust now typically holds an instructors course every other year, and is the only place outside of Great Britain where wallers can become DSWA-GB certified instructors.

 A full list of all certified dry stone walling instructors in North America coming soon.

Selected Instructor Bios:

Many DSWA certified instructors teach workshops at The Stone Trust.  Brief bio’s of frequent instructors are below.

Alex Hoffmeier

ALEX HOFFMEIER (Vermont) studied environmental science at Dickinson College before moving to Vermont in 2004.

Andras Lazar

ANDRAS LAZAR (New Hampshire) is a DSWA-GB Level II certified and a certified instructor. He was born in Hungary in 1950.

Ben Maron

BEN MARON (New York) holds a DSWA Level 2 Walling Certification. The Hudson Valley, NY, with its picturesque landscapes, provides an inspiring backdrop for Ben’s artistic endeavors.

Ben Sandri

BEN SANDRI (Massachusetts) grew up building stone walls with his father, brother, and grandfather in New Hampshire, and still loves working with the roughest fieldstone he can get his hands on.

Brian Post

BRIAN POST (Vermont) started building stone walls when he was 10 years old, and has continued working with stone ever since. Brian is a licensed Landscape Architect, and a certified Master Craftsman with the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (DSWA-GB).

Bryce Hollingsworth

Bryce Hollingsworth is a Massachusetts based professional dry stone waller. He strives to continuously improve his skills by working with and learning from wallers and masons all over the world, and is a huge believer in collaboration. He currently holds his DSWA Level 2 Certification.

Curtis Gray

CURTIS GRAY (Massachusetts) was running a lawn mowing business shortly after graduating high school. One day a gentleman from Conway, Mass called and said “I would like some help building a stonewall”.

Dan Morales-Walsh

DAN MORALES-WALSH (Maine) grew up around construction and has been a life long maker. Since age 14 the medium of choice has been stone. That love of stone work evolved into an infatuation with dry stone construction which eventually led to The Stone Trust.

Dan Snow

DAN SNOW (Vermont) is an art-maker and stoneworker using the craft of dry stone construction to create site-specific works in the outdoors.

Daniel Arabella

DANIEL ARABELLA (Minnesota) holds DSWA-GB Advanced (Level III) and Instructor Certification. He is the owner of Arabella Stone Co. and has an extensive background in the arts and construction industries which provides a blend of skills and a fresh approach to a traditional craft.

Daniel Peterson

DANIEL PETERSON (Minnesota) holds DSWA-GB Advanced (Level III) and Instructor Certification. He is the owner and designer at HabAdapt Landscape Design, focusing on long-term sustainability and functionality.

Dario Coletta

DARIO COLETTA (Massachusetts) has been associated with The Stone Trust since 2011 when he received his Level 1 certification.

Ethan Bodin

ETHAN BODIN (Vermont) is a DSWA Level II Certified Waller and Certified Instructor with the Stone Trust. He is co-owner of Vermont Landscaping and Stonework, a dry-laid stonework and custom landscaping business based in Rutland county.

Hilary Dees

HILARY DEES (Colorado) has been focused on incorporating high-quality dry stone infrastructure into recreational trails since 2012.

Jamie Masefield

JAMIE MASEFIELD (Vermont) is inspired by the ancient craft of dry stone masonry and feels passionate that it has an important role to play in a modern society.

Jared Flynn

JARED FLYNN (Vermont) is a native Vermonter who’s passion is the preservation of Dry Stone Walls. As a founding member of the Stone Trust his efforts have supported Dry Stone enthusiasts and professionals with access to all things related to Walling.

Jerry Coggin

JERRY COGGIN (Pennsylvania) has been working with drystone in one capacity or another since 2010. He started out assisting his wife Kim on her projects and very quickly realized how rewarding working with drystone can be.

Jordan Keyes

JORDAN KEYES (Vermont) As member of Trow & Holden Company’s management team, Jordan’s expertise lies in the manufacturing, sale, and continued development of stoneworking tools.

Jordan Rowell

JORDAN ROWELL (Maine) is a DSWA Level II Certified Waller and Certified Instructor with the Stone Trust. He is the owner of Flint Mountain Works LLC, a dry stone walling business based in Western Maine.

Judy Rand

JUDY RAND (New York) is a certified instructor and attained her DSWA-GB Level II certification in Derbyshire, England. Judy has an artistic background…

Karl Gifford

KARL GIFFORD (Maine) spent 11 years doing trail work with several organizations in New England.

Kim Coggin

KIM COGGIN (Pennsylvania) has been building dry stone walls and structures since 2008. Kim’s journey in stone started shortly after relocating to Pennsylvania from the Southeast…

Martin Beevers

MARTIN BEEVERS (Tennessee) grew up in Derbyshire, England in the heart of a countryside crisscrossed by miles of dry stone walls. These ancient walls are still very much a working part of rural life and tradition.

Michael Papile

MICHAEL PAPILE (Massachusetts) lives in the Boston area and does work throughout New England. He focuses on projects involving historic preservation and renovation, especially those projects where he can work with other wallers and engage the community at large.

Michael Weitzner

MICHAEL WEITZNER (Vermont) has been a full-time dry stone waller/mason and a professional member of the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain since 1993.

Pete Ryder

PETE RYDER (New Hampshire) got the walling bug in 2015 at a workshop at The Stone Trust. After 32 years in aerospace engineering…

Rob Faraone

ROB FARAONE (Rhode Island) has been a Stone Trust instructor since 2020. Rob led the Aquidneck Stone Wall Initiative leading a team of 20 volunteers. 

Ron Neil

Ron Neil has decades of experience in masonry from leading large crews on commercial buildings to small jobs. He now runs his own company and got involved with dry stone walling in 2016.

Russell Autrey

RUSSELL AUTREY (Vermont) holds two degrees in horticulture and has been working in the landscape-construction trade for a few decades. In 2010 he built his first dry-stone wall and has been focused on stonework ever since.

Sam Brakeley

SAM BRAKELEY (Vermont) has been building trails since age eight, and has progressed to complex trail constructions throughout New England. Sam’s trail building work led him to working with stone.

Seth Harris

SETH HARRIS (Vermont) specializes in many types of historic crafts including stonework, fine woodworking, and blacksmithing…

Steve Sclar

STEVE SCLAR (Maine) undertakes stonework and stonemasonry projects via his business Fir Folk Stonework LLC, based out of Portland, Maine.

Torben Larsen

Torben Larsen (Vermont) has decades of experience in landscaping, stonework, and running a large landscape company. Now downsized, he has taken joy from becoming certified, and producing high quality stonework. Torben is DSWA-GB Level II certified and a certified instructor.

Victoria Merriman

VICTORIA MERRIMAN (New Hampshire) transitioned into stone masonry in 2019 after 20 years of working in website design. Having grown up on a dairy farm, she was eager to get back outside and work with her body as well as her mind.