Advanced Workshops

dry stone wall arch
Dry stone arch

Advanced workshops, also called level 3 workshops, have required prerequisites.  These workshops typically teach advanced features that are part of Master Craftsmen (level 4) tests.  They may also teach focus on one particular aspect of dry stone walling, such as batter frames.  Or the focus may be on other features or advanced techniques.  Typically participants for a level 3 workshop should have taken multiple workshops at lower levels, or be Level 1 or 2 certified wallers.  It is assumed that participants in level 3 workshops have a good knowledge of wall building.

Level 3 workshops vary widely in topic and you should read the details for each workshop before signing up.  Workshops at The Stone Trust run 9:00-5:00.

All workshops at The Stone Trust begin at 9:00am and go till 5:00pm, with a 1/2 break for lunch.  The cost for workshops varies depending on the location, level, and subject.  See the specific workshop listings for details.

For information about workshops contact Brian Post or call 802.490.9607.

Most workshops run by The Stone Trust are approved for credit hours though the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES) credits.

To Register for a workshop check the Upcoming Event List.

Then click on the workshop you are interested in, select how many people you will be paying for to attend, and click at to Event Cart

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