Learning to build dry stone wall

Workshop Policies

Workshop Policies

Refund Policy for Workshops

100% refund less a $40 handling fee. Workshop tuition is transferable to another person for the date reserved.

If The Stone Trust cancels a Workshop:

  • Full refund will be paid to all enrolled participants.

Policies for Workshop Participation

  1. Respect the shared environment; no yelling or screaming.
  2. No smoking or chewing tobacco in or around buildings.
  3. No alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs.
  4. No dogs or other pets.
  5. No person under the age of 13.
  6. Do not take anything from the barn, other than free pamphlets.
  7. No profanity.
  8. No public music allowed.
  9. Do not enter any other barns other than the apple packing barn for restroom use.
  10. Do not throw anything into the pond.
  11. All participants must be registered and sign the waiver before beginning the workshop.
  12. No non-working, non-enrolled person on the work site.  Visitors may be greeted outside or away from the work site.
  13. Wear heavy hiking shoes or work boots.
  14. Wear protective eye wear while building or rebuilding walls.
  15. No throwing or tossing any stone more than 6” in any direction!
  16. Be respectful of the shared working environment.  All involved with workshops should behave in an appropriate manner throughout.
  17. Any person who continues to show unsafe work practices, after warning, may be required to leave.

Weather Policy

Stone Trust workshops will take place rain or shine. If storms are in the forecast, we will abide by the following policies:

If you see threatening clouds, use the “30-30 rule”. If the time delay between seeing the flash of lightning and hearing the bang of thunder is less than 30 seconds, begin moving toward a sheltered location. Lightning can strike before or after a visible storm.

In an open field, seek a low spot for shelter. Seek shelter away from hilltops, trees and utility lines. Seeking shelter in a closed building is safest. Do not use items connected to electricity or plumbing. A vehicle with the windows rolled up is the next best thing; this includes tractors with a cab.

Stay in safe shelter at least 30-minutes after you hear the last sound of thunder.