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Three Days of Happy Walling at the Stone Trust Barre

The first weekend in May was a busy one for the Stone Trust with eight different workshops at four different sites. The Stone Trust @ The Vermont Granite Museum in Barre offered three full days of learning to nine excited wallers. Friday and Saturday they learned the 5 basic rules of dry stone walling at a 2-day introduction. One novice waller stayed on for Sunday’s stone shaping workshop on Sunday, only the second held at the Barre training site. Last year, this next-step training was offered for the first time by popular demand. As many of the intro wallers expressed interest in learning more about stone shaping, we will continue to offer this course, including the next stone shaping workshop in Barre in September. Thanks to everyone for helping to make the weekend a success!

Thank you, too, to Jake McArdle, Pete Ryder, and Rob Faraone for teaching and sharing your knowledge. Thanks also to Alex Hoffmeier and Jordan Keyes for working to organize the site for an optimal learning environment.