Gain LA CES  Credits while learning the art and craft of building Dry Stone Walls

 Earn Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES) credits at workshops run by The Stone Trust!

The Stone Trust is an approved provider of LA CES credits and our workshops are a great way for Landscape Architects to receive the continuing education credits they need.  Most workshops are worth 7.5 credit hours per day, so it is easy to earn the credits you need for multiple years in just a few days.  When registering online just check off that you wish to receive credits.

Come and learn what structurally sound dry stone walls look like and how they are built.  You will be amazed at how much you can learn in a day that will be directly applicable to your projects.

By attending dry stone walling workshops at The Stone Trust you can learn:

  • About proper dimensions and batter
  • How to spot common flaws that lead to structural problems
  • Ways to specify dry stone walls to achieve the desired walls
  • About variations, features, and materials to achieve the aesthetics you want in your projects
  • When and where dry stone walls are the best solutions for your designs
  • How to evaluate walls for structure
  • Tips to use when selecting contractors
  •  And much more!!!

Workshops at The Stone Trust are hands on.  The best way to learn is through the experience of handling the stones.  It makes for a great day out of the office, learning this historic craft that is still applicable in many of today’s projects.  We have workshops that are suitable to all levels of experience, including complete beginners.  For more information on our workshops check out our workshops page.

Workshops are the corner stone of The Stone Trust’s educational curriculum, which provides a hands-on opportunity to learn how to build stone walls.  The workshops are taught by Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (DSWA-GB) Certified Instructors.  Workshops are suitable for all learning abilities and skill levels.  Click here to see our upcoming workshops.

Workshops are available at Level 1 ( for beginners), Level 2 (for those with some experience), and Level 3 (for experienced stone workers), and in one-day and two-day formats.  Workshops are frequently taught in our indoor training facility and at our masters feature park, both located on Scott Farm in Dummerston VT.   Workshops are also offered at other locations.  Beginners will be able to learn the basics, while those with more experience can further their education by working on advanced features.

What sets the workshops offered by The Stone Trust apart from others is focus on correct structural construction and the use of Certified Instructors.  Once the structural principles of dry stone walling are understood and applied, it becomes possible to build dry stone walls with virtually any type of stone, and adapt to many specific situations.  DSWA-GB Certified instructors are not only skilled wallers, but have also been professional trained to teach dry stone walling.  By taking a course at The Stone Trust you will be learning construction techniques that have been developed, improved, and taught for hundreds of years.

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Upcoming Events at The Stone Trust
    two day level 1 - 9
    Introductory Workshop: One Day Outdoor
    Saturday, May 6, 2017

    This workshop is perfect for the homeowner or enthusiast looking to start learning about how to build dry stone walls. If you are looking to learn more before starting to build a wall at home or trying to educate yourself before hiring someone else to build a wall. This is the workshop for you. It is great introduction for landscapers who are looking to get into dry stone walling.

    Over the course of the day each participant will build about 25 sq. ft. of wall (one side), using flat ledge stone. Participants will learn all the basic rules of structural walling that can be applied to any type of stone and project. The different type of stone used is the primary difference between this workshop and the indoor introductory workshops.

    Women's dry stack stone wall workshop
    Women’s Introductory Workshop: One Day Indoor
    Saturday, May 6th, 2017

    A chance to learn from the women in North America who are DSWA Certifed Instructors! At The Stone Trust, all of our women’s only workshops are taught by women wallers. This workshop will have the only 3 women in North America who are certified dry stone wall instructors teaching!

    This workshop is an excellent introduction to dry stone walling for the homeowner, landscaper/gardener, or hobbyist. Over the course of the day each participant will build about 25 sq ft of wall (one side), using natural round fieldstone. You will learn all the basic rules of structural walling that can be applied to any type of stone and project.

    Women’s Level 1 & 2, Dry Stone Walling Highlight Course
    Sunday, May 7th, 2017

    This workshop will have the only 3 women in North America who are certified dry stone wall instructors teaching! This workshop is intended as a follow up to the level 1 workshop the day before. This workshop is all about learning to shape stone. Hammer, split, trim, and cut.

    Wallers learning to use batter frames and string lines for building dry stone walls, dry stack walls, and dry laid walls.
    Batter Frames and String Lines: One Day Indoor
    Sunday, May 7th, 2017

    This workshop is all about how to build and use guides for dry stone walling. We will show you different methods and materials to build batter frames for a variety of situations. Participants will split up into small groups to practice various techniques. Learn tips and tricks for correctly using string lines and how to prevent common errors. Learn how to determine the appropriate dimensions for the walls, correct batter angle, and what to do for special features and unusual circumstances.

    Seth Harris instructing the 2016 Test Prep workshop
    Spring 2017 Test Preparation Workshop: One Day Indoor
    Friday, May 19, 2017

    Prepare for your certification test! This workshop is perfect those planning to test on Monday. Learn tips and techniques to help you pass your test, all while practicing on the stone walls used for the tests. A must-take workshop for those planning to go for the difficult Level 2 test. Take this workshop and receive a discount on a Saturday or Sunday Pre-test, before testing on Monday.

    Seth Harris is a Level 2 certified waller and certified instructor. He has been a test site coordinator at The Stone Trust on several occasions and is well versed in what it takes to pass a test. There is nothing better than a day of tips from the pros! In addition to dry stone walling Seth is also an accomplished fine woodworker, blacksmith, excavator and more. He is the owner of Foxchair Mountain Craftsmen in Springfield VT.

    Come to the first Dry Stone Stairs workshop at The Stone Trust
    Steps and Stairs Workshop – Dry Stone: One Day Outdoor
    Friday, May 19, 2017

    This workshop will teach everything you need to know in order to build strong and long lasting dry stone steps. Participants will divide up to work on building several sets of new stairs in the Master Feature Park. There will be variation in materials and methods. Learn about using equipment for moving large stones as well as techniques for moving large stones by hand. Layout, dimensions, sourcing stones, understanding how to set the elevations with a story pole, shaping the steps, and integrating them into walls will all be included.

    Spring 2-Day Outdoor Workshop
    Saturday & Sunday, May 20 & 21, 2017

    This workshop is perfect for the homeowner, landscaper, mason, or enthusiast looking to start learning about how to build dry stone walls, or to improve your skills.

    Over the course of the two days each participant will build about 35 sq. ft. of wall (one side), using either round field stone, flat ledge stone, or a mixture. Level 1 participants will learn all the basics of structural walling, plus so much more. Level 2 participants will work on building a wall end, also known as a cheek end. The knowledge taught in this workshop can be applied to any type of stone and dry stone walling project.

    Irish Feiden Wall Workshop: One Day Outdoor
    Saturday, May 20, 2017

    Irish Feiden Wall, also known as an Irish Family walling is a style that involve a mix of vertically and horizontally placed stones in a variety of sizes to create a distinctive pattern with stones referred to as “children, mothers, fathers” based on their size and location in the wall, suggesting who might have placed them. This type of wall is common in the Aran Islands and places in Western Ireland, but little known elsewhere. Traditionally built with the limestone of that region which is roughly level bedded, we will be adding our own twist to this style of wall, using a mix of our locally available round glacial till and level bedded schist. This workshop will rebuild and improve on the 40 ft section of Feiden wall in the master features park.

    featured image
    Slate Carving Workshops
    Saturday, May 20 and/or Sunday May 21, 2017

    This workshop introduces you to slate carving techniques using hand chisels and mallets. The workshop will focus on having participants carve pieces of slate that will become permanent signs in our master feature park. This will primarily be done using a raised letter method. You will be guided through the drawing, composition, and spacing of your letter forms and learn to translate your inscription into a carving. No previous experience with drawing or carving necessary.

    Scottish Galloway Wall Workshop: One Day Outdoor
    Sunday, May 21, 2017

    Galloway walls feature a single stack of large stones on top of a double stack of small stones. While it may seem counter intuitive it is a very strong and fast way to build. Galloway walls are very applicable when there is a wide variety of stone sizes to build with and a lot of large stones. Many of the historic pasture walls in Northern New England were Galloway or Single Stack walls. This workshop will give you an opportunity learn this type of walling.

See what a 2-day workshop is all about:

“I really enjoyed  taking the class.  I think you have a great facility, & superb organization.  I know of a lot of contractors & designers that would benefit from the course so I’ll definitely be spreading the word.”

~  Eric Buck
Principal Landscape Architect / Owner of Terrain Planning & Design LLC
President of the Granite State Landscape Architects (New Hampshire chapter of the ASLA)

Time Lapse Video of a 1-day Indoor Workshop:

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