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Learning and applying the 5 basic rules of dry stone walling, May 6-7 in New Hampshire

Thanks for coming to the Stone Trust NH to the May 6th & 7th 2-Day Intro and Cheek Rebuild workshops! Most of you came to learn the 5 basic rules of dry stone walling.  A couple of you returned to learn what to do when your wall comes to an end. You applied the 5 basics to building a structurally sound vertical wall end, a fundamental skill that allows you to contemplate building other features. If you’re already Level 1 certified, the cheek rebuild workshop gives you insight into the Level 2 Waller test. Be sure to read Brian Post’s “Building for Success: Leaping the Level 2 Hurdle”! Preparing for that test is not to be taken lightly.

Thanks, too, for providing feedback on your workshop experience. From novices to the more experienced, we understand that you all left having learned valuable skills to take home with you. Thanks to eager participants and knowledgeable instructors, everyone got to learn something new.

Thank you to Curtis Gray and Karl Gifford for sharing your knowledge at the introductory workshop and Pete Ryder for sharing your expertise about cheek ends and for managing the site.