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Dry Stone Walling at Opus 40, No Matter the Weather

At the beginning of October, the Stone Trust @ Opus 40 hosted its second weekend of Stone Trust workshops this year. The 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling and Cheek Rebuild workshops were mostly full of New York residents, along with a few New Englanders. Unlike the May Intro and Cheek Rebuild workshops, where people learned a lot with beautiful weather as a bonus, this group was not quite as lucky. Rain poured down on the first day of these two-day workshops. Despite the weather, there was a good turnout of wallers ready to learn and build through the downpour. Instructors put up tents to help protect the wall as much as possible; Stone Trust workshops take place rain or shine. The tenacity of you wallers was evident as you built the first half of the wall under torrents of rain to set yourselves up for success on day two.

Given conditions, instructors and wallers decided to leave an hour early on Saturday and come in early on Sunday to make up for building time in much better weather. Everyone was able to complete their wall stints and also tour Opus 40. Instructor Ben Maron led a tour around the grounds, pointing out the work and repairs he helped with this summer as a member of Brian Post’s Standing Stone LLC crew. At the end of the day, wallers could look at the great work that they had done and be proud that they made it through the weekend and had fun learning how to build a dry stone wall.

Thank you to instructors Ben Maron, Jake McArdle, and Rob Faraone for their help in making this weekend go off without a hitch. Thank you for powering through the rainy Saturday and creating an enjoyable weekend for everyone.