4.90 Level 3 Certification Test Part A

You will want to register for this test IF:
• You plan to have your features ready to assess by May 14, 2023.
• You plan to have your features ready to assess by May 2024 and you are seeking guidance and support as you plan and build.

Certification Test Overview:

The Stone Trust offers this opportunity to streamline the Level 3 certification process in order to help Level 2 Wallers wishing to move up the certification pathway. Registering for this test helps you:
• Plan your time. You know your feature wall needs to be ready to assess by mid-May of the year.
• Simplify. In the past, individual wallers were responsible for contacting the DSWA to arrange assessor scheduling. The test requires two DSWA assessors to travel to your test wall, at least one from the U.K. Now the Stone Trust arranges for assessors to travel for Spring Test Day at the Stone Trust Center in Dummerston, Vermont. We’ll work with you to schedule your test scheduled during a window of time either before or after Spring Test Day
• Spend less. It is costly to fund your feature wall and testing. To support your endeavor, the Stone Trust bears the cost of assessor travel from the U.K. to Vermont. In addition to the registration fee, you pay only any travel costs associated with getting assessors to your test site.
Registration fee of $2275 includes:
• Up to three hours of mentoring from a Master Craftsman (additional mentoring charged at $75/hour).
• DSWA test application fee.
• Assessor per diem times two.
• A modest fee to cover administrative expenses.
Costs driven by feature site location will be billed in addition.
Learn more about this Level 3 Certification Test here.



Training Site

Level 3A Test Location
Level 3A Test Location
To Be Determined By Applicant

Important to know

In order to take the test, you must send a completed DSWA-GB Test Application to workshops@thestonetrust.org prior to the last day of registration. The application link is found in your test registration confirmation as well as on the certification test information page for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4.

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