Landscape Architect/Designer 1-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling and Gathering


$375 for ASLA Members
$400 for Non-Members


April 27, 2024


9:00 am - 8:00 pm
This course is for landscape architects and landscape designers. If you’re not a professional designer, please consider a 1-Day Intro.

Many landscape architects take on projects that include dry stone construction. You take into account both the landscape design and the intersection of landscape with building architecture. Due to the nature of your work, however, you tend not to be builders. You may have limited experience with construction.

Brainchild of professional waller Dan Morales-Walsh and the New England chapters of the American Society of Landscape Architects, this introductory workshop brings together Stone Trust waller-teachers and landscape architects and designers. Come for a hands-on learning experience about dry stone walling. You will learn the five basic principles of dry stone walling at the workshop, and afterwards gather to talk about what you learned and share your projects.

How does knowing the five basic principles of dry stone walling help landscape architects and designers? It will enable you:

  1. To be able to evaluate the quality of stonework
  2. To be able to communicate about stonework to clients and contractors
  3. To provide specifications and quality expectations for the end result
  4. To know how and where to source materials
  5. To estimate pricing at the front end

The workshop portion of the day takes place from 9 to 5. During this time, you learn how to strip out, or take down, a dry stone wall and rebuild it. Stripping out a wall teaches you how a wall is constructed and why it is built that way. Building the wall helps you understand the amount of time and practice it takes to construct a functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing dry stone wall. Come engage in a back and forth between experienced wallers and landscape professionals.

After your training, take time to consolidate your learning by talking with colleagues in the design field. Join a gathering in the Scott Farm Apple Barn from 5-8pm. Share your projects and get feedback from experienced dry stone wallers. Refreshments will be provided with the generous support of Maine Stone Scapes.



Training Site

The Stone Trust Center VT
The Stone Trust Center VT
Scott Farm, Dummerston, Vermont



Dan Morales-Walsh
Dan Morales-Walsh

DSWA-GB Intermediate (Level II)


Alex Hoffmeier
Alex Hoffmeier

DSWA-GB Advanced (Level III)

Brian Post
Brian Post

DSWA-GB Master Craftsman (Level IV)

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